Food in Charlotte for the average fan!

Rotelli Charlotte Examines Launch

We may be a Charlotte site, but we love other cities. And on top of that we love other cities start ups in the food industry. is a great hyper local start up dedicated to video reviews in the Scottsdale area. Their main focus is on the some of the best restaurants in Scottsdale.

They are formed by three generic dudes who love food, drinks and have built brands in the past. They have been launched for close to 3 months now and have visited close to 2o restaurants in Scottsdale. They visit these hot spots for am entire experience, start to finish. From there they show their experience off in a 5 minute clip that focuses on the highlights and positive items that particular restaurant has to offer. From Italian to BBQ, they plan on hitting all the different spots in Scottsdale. They love the local feel and love how a lot of restaurants in these areas are family owned.

While other sites typically promote what other people say, and what other people’s experiences were…a lot of them cannot be vetted. These guys want to change that.

Focusing in the food industry can be a tough one, a lot of cities have great food fare and are in constant need of innovation to keep these places alive and well. From concepts to the type of food that is served, the restaurant industry is one of the toughest to stay in and be profitable.

Moving the forward, the guys have some good ideas up their sleeves to get everything dialed in and really allow the local market to take flight into their experiences. Their goal is to stay focused on food and Scottsdale. Two things that they absolutely love.

Keep these guys on your radar and if you have a restaurant you would want them to review, make sure to visit their site, which we have linked above!